Premix & Chelated
Minerals with
Syne-mix Technology


Honson Syne-mix provides high quality and comprehensive ingredients to you to prepare sure-win performance.

Amino Acid

Amino acids are molecules that combine to form proteins, concentrated in protein-rich foods such as meat, fish.


Minerals are essential for good health. Different minerals serve multiple function which can help you to maintain healthy body.


Multivitamins can play an important role when nutritional requirements are not met through diet alone.

Herbals & Extracts

Herbal extracts are an important source of biologically active compounds with a central role in human health.

Quality Control

Years of experience and a high level of expertise have given us  a comprehensive understanding of how the body reacts to foreign materials placed inside it. This enables us to design materials that are compatible with the body’s physiology.​ All ingredients quality include a thorough understanding and the assurance that our materials will help manufacturers develop product.

Each batch of materials is validated by Honson’s Quality Assurance system, including testing on site for potency, microbiology and heavy metals, with the results validated and certified by external independent laboratories.