Hoodia Cactus Extracts

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Hoodia Cactus extracts

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Category: Herbal Extracts
Latin Name: Hoodia Gordornii
Country: South Africa
Specification: 20:1
Testing Method: HPLC
Pack Size: 25kg/drum

The San bushmen have eaten the plant for years

Hoodia: Hoodia is an endemic flowering plant to the semi-arid deserts of South Africa and Namibia.  There are about 20 species in this family. The plants stem and leaves are pale green and grow in a short, upright clump. These plants are quite sensitive requiring a specific amount of sunlight, water and temperature range to flourish. The H. gordonii has recently garnered a large modern following as an all-natural appetite suppressant to help with weight-loss. 
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Application:   COA:
Items                 Specification                 Results
Appearance            Light Brown powder            Complies

Extract Ratio         12:1/20:1                     Complies
Sieve analysis        100% pass 80 mesh             Complies
Extract Solvent       Ethanol and Water             Complies
Loss on Drying        <5.0%                        3.2%
Sulfated Ash          <5.0%                        2.8%
Bulk Density          40-60g/100ml                  48g/100ml
Heavy Metals          <20ppm                        Complies
As                    <5ppm                         Complies
Sulfate               <5ppm                         Complies
Chloride              <1ppm                         Complies
Residual Solvents     <0.05%                        Negative

Total Plate Count     <1000/g                       70/g
Yeast & Mold          <100/g                        20/g
E.Coil                Negative                      Negative
Salmonella            Negative                      Negative